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About Gas Explosions from Natural Gas,
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Gas Explosions
There are many forms of gas explosions, involving gasoline, kerosene, butane, propane or LP gas.

There are many forms of gas explosions, involving gasoline, kerosene, butane, propane or LP gas. Serious accidents can come from a small volume of the flammable liquid or gas in which gas pressure builds up, after which it is exposed to an ignition source. One typical cause of a gas explosion is a contractor negligently cuts a gas line underneath the street, causing natural gas to be leaked into a person's home, where it ignites on the furnace pilot light and blows up the house.

Explosions can result from defective products within the home, such as water heaters, dryers, stoves, ranges, cooking tops, and heating and cooling systems. Accidents may occur where gas storage environments are neglected, safety rules are ignored, hazardous areas lack posted warnings or when gas storage containers are deficient. Often gas problems can cause asphyxiation from a gas leak where the gas is not properly odorized.

Effects on Victims

Victims of gas explosions suffer various types of harm, and tragically, many of these accidents cause fatality. Survivors experience such catastrophic injuries as:

  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Severe burns
  • Brain damage
  • Spinal cord injury

Have you suffered from a gas explosion?

The presence of flammable gas is a near-constant part of our daily public life, simply by virtue of its usefulness to us for heating and cooking. Flammable or explosive gases are found in many areas of a large city such as St. Louis, but sometimes, gas pipes leak, and sometimes gas companies have ineffective emergency responses to reports of gas leaks. When a gas leak occurs, time is of the essence. Even something as small as the ringing of a doorbell can ignite a buildup of natural gas inside a home.

An immediate emergency response is required by the gas company, and sadly, that does not always occur. When a gas explosion occurs, usually someone has committed negligence. If you were severely injured or lost a loved one in an explosion, our lawyers at The Medler Law Firm, LLC are prepared to aggressively fight for justice, and we will advocate tirelessly to help you obtain the generous compensation your family deserves.

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