$14,000,000 Helicopter Accident - Wrongful Death

Four members of the military were on a training mission when their helicopter collided with utility lines that were unmarked, causing the helicopter to crash into a river, killing all four men.

$10,500,000 Airplane Accident - Wrongful Death

Parachutists fell to their death after a parachute jumping school’s engine failed due to a defective aircraft engine component.

$7,250,000 Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance company wrongfully denied coverage for a driver based upon alleged non-payment, even though client was within the ten-day grace period allowed for coverage after cancellation. The denial subjected the client to a catastrophic judgment which he could not pay.

$7,000,000 Pedestrian Accident - Wrongful Death

Elderly client was on his way to Catholic mass and walking within a walkway on a WALK sign when he was struck by a pickup truck whose driver was not paying attention. The client died of his injuries several days later.

$5,500,000 Invasion of Privacy

“Girls Gone Wild” hosted a party at a local bar. Client attended, not realizing the event was going on. Cameraman assistant hired by Defendant pulled down the client’s shirt, exposing her chest, and the cameraman then filmed her. Then, without obtaining a release, the Defendant inserted the footage in a pornographic movie called Sorority Orgy II.

$2,780,000 Class Action

Hospitals were violating their contracts with health insurers by refusing to process medical bills under insurance, instead opting to put a lien on the patient’s personal injury files, and seeking to obtain their auto insurance medpay money.

$2,058,250 Motorcycle Accident

Teenager riding a motorcycle suffered a spinal injury after the driver in front of him suddenly put on the brakes. The driver had spray-painted his tail lights with a black automotive paint designed to make his car look cool; we argued that the paint made the brake lights more difficult to see. The client also sued Yamaha for failing to install anti-lock brakes on the client’s motorcycle. In addition, the client also claimed that the road, which had no shoulders and was extremely narrow, and crossed a small culvert, was dangerous.

$2,000,000 Trucking Accident - Wrongful Death

Pastor and his wife were killed when their minivan stalled on the highway, and a drowsy truck driver in violation of his hours-of-service logs, came over a hill and struck the minivan, killing both occupants.

$1,850,000 Trucking Accident - Wrongful Death

Young woman was killed when her vehicle stalled on a highway and a tractor-trailer driver hit her from behind, killing her.

$700,000 Medical Malpractice - Wrongful Death

Emergency room doctor ignored clear signs of dehydration by two-year-old brought to emergency room. The child died hours after leaving the emergency room.

$680,000 Employment - Wages and Hours

Guard company required security guards at airplane plant to work in their guard shacks without pay during meal breaks.

$600,000 Car Accident

Client’s son fell asleep and drove off the road, striking a utility pole placed extremely close to the roadway, in violation of their own clear zone standards. The pole fell and electric wires landed on the car, killing the driver. The case was difficult due to the claim that the son caused his own accident by driving off the roadway.

$550,000 Car Accident

Our client, a law student, was making a turn when the driver of a pickup truck ran a red light, and collided at high speed with our client’s vehicle, causing our client to suffer broken ribs, a concussion, a pneumothorax, and other injuries.

$495,000 Boating Accident

Client was at the Lake of the Ozarks in a motorboat. She and her aunt had been fishing. The client was in the back of the boat, pulling up the small anchor. Before she could get her bearings, the aunt suddenly gunned the motor, and the anchor rope sliced off several of the client’s fingertips.

$400,000 Medical Malpractice

Doctor failed to see obvious drug reaction from Dilantin, a drug which has toxic effects upon the liver, thereby damaging the patient’s liver and kidneys.

$334,000 Truck Accident

Driver #1 rear-ended client on the highway, sending client’s vehicle careening into a guard rail, after which his vehicle was immobilized in the middle of the highway, facing the wrong direction. Truck driver #2 then came down the highway and, despite plenty of time to avoid the immobilized vehicle, struck my client head on, necessitating neck surgery.

$321,500 Medical Malpractice

Doctors ignored standard accepted protocol in treating client with a congenital condition who had “ventriculoperitoneal shunt”—a small tube which takes excess cerebral fluid from the brain and carries it to the abdomen. The tubing became infected during a surgery and fecal contents traveled up the shunt into the patient’s brain, killing her.

$303,639.80 Workplace Injury

Client worked for a car dealership and was unloading a windshield from the back of a parked 18-wheeler when the driver of the truck suddenly backed up, pinning the client against a forklift.

$275,000 Medical Malpractice

A radiologist failed to diagnose breast cancer in a timely fashion.

$255,000 Construction Accident

Client was crushed by a 5-ton piece of concrete at a work site. These settlements are with two defendants whose liability was minor. Case is still pending against other defendants.

$175,000 Medical Malpractice

Doctor used robotic surgery to remove a patient’s gall bladder, and in the process, cut her bowels, necessitating emergency surgery and infection.

$170,000 Medical Malpractice

Doctors botched a spinal surgery, injuring the client.

$150,000 Slip and Fall

Woman fell on a ramp coming out of a pet clinic.

$150,000 Car Accident

Client rear-ended on the highway.

$150,000 Employment - Race Discrimination

African-American client who worked at a trucking company suffered race discrimination in the workplace.

$125,000 Car Accident

Rear-end accident

$115,000 Premises Liability

Client was playing golf and was suddenly swallowed up by a giant sinkhole, sending him plummeting into the earth some twenty feet. The client was rescued in this bizarre accident which had only been seen before in the movie Space Jam.

$109,300 Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle clipped by motor vehicle.

$101,000 Car Accident

Rear-end accident.
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