About Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents are, unfortunately, becoming more and more common in today’s world of over-crowded roads and city streets. 52,000 bicyclists a year are injured in traffic accidents, and over 700 of those accidents prove fatal to the victim. Bicyclist wrongful deaths account for over 2% of all traffic-related fatalities that occur on a yearly basis and 69% of these fatal accidents occur in urban areas.

What causes these accidents?

Negligence is often the contributing factor to these accidents, as cyclists are often viewed as a nuisance or barrier by other motorists and so are not given the attention or care that one would give to other vehicles while driving. Common traffic accidents that involve bicycles include:

  • A vehicle turning in front of or into a bicyclist
  • A vehicle hitting a bicyclist after failing to yield or running a stop light or sign
  • A bicyclist being struck by a motorist under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • An inattentive motorist running into the back of a stopped bicyclist at an intersection

Were you hurt in a bicycle accident?

The injuries that bicyclists can sustain in traffic accidents are often severe catastrophic, as they are afforded very minimal protection from collisions. These injuries can be extremely costly, and it should be the responsibility of the motorist at fault to cover the financial impact to the victim. If you’ve been injured by a careless or reckless driver while on your bicycle, it is important you contact a knowledgeable and effective attorney as soon as possible to increase your chances of receiving the compensation you require to recover from your injuries.

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