The Dangers of Working in a Warehouse

Warehouses provide ample opportunity for accidents and injuries to occur. They are often filled with heavy machinery, high ledges and walkways, and dangerous industrial chemicals. Over 33,000 serious injuries occur in warehouses every year, with an additional 61,000 cases of non-serious injury occurring. Approximately 100 workers are wrongfully killed in such cases on an annual basis.

Common Accidents

The circumstances that can lead to injury or death in a warehouse are many, and some of the more common situations include:

  • Forklift accidents (collisions or rollovers)
  • Collisions that involve overhead doors
  • Improper stacking or storing of pallets
  • Poorly-secured dock plates
  • Accidents involving truck lift gates
  • Route delivery accidents (in the field or at the destination)
  • Walking on pallet racking with insufficient clasps

In many cases negligence of some kind is to blame for these workplace accidents. It may be on the part of the warehouse owner or supervisor, the manufacturer of a piece of equipment, or a driver of a truck or other piece of heavy machinery. Whoever is responsible, the victim deserves to be compensated for their injuries that they have suffered. If you have been injured in a warehouse accident, you may be entitled to recover significant monetary damages for your losses, so do not hesitate to retain the powerful legal counsel your case requires to seek justice.

Have you been injured in a warehouse accident?

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