About Utility Pole Accidents

Working for utility, cable, or telephone companies can involve dangerous tasks that possess risks such as falling or electrocution. These companies often require workers to climb to substantial heights, whether it is up a pole or on the roof of a house or building. These workers also often have to work with or near electricity, and electrocution is a constant threat in these types of workplace accidents. Junction boxes in houses or buildings or at the top of poles can be left without proper grounding, causing them to be “hot” and able to cause great electrical injury to the individual who handles them.

Accident Causes

Accidents can be caused by utility poles with root rot falling over a roadway or on a loved one. In addition, utility poles placed dangerously close to the edges of roadways may cause a danger for motorists. Low-hanging wires may also snag large trucks, especially dump trucks and garbage trucks, leading to accidents and possibly electrocution. Utility poles may also pose a danger to children, who might climb the ladder steps of the poles without cognizance of the dangers. You may also have injured by the negligent excavation of a company whose digging caused contact with a buried utility line.

Utility poles or the rooves of a house or building can have design defects, or they may have fallen into disrepair, increasing one’s chances of suffering a high fall. In cases such as this, negligence on the part of another or others may be a factor, and the victim may be entitled to compensation from a third party, aside from the workers compensation benefits they would already receive. If you were injured or if a loved one was wrongfully killed in a utility pole accident, or while on the job for a utility or telephone company, it is very important that you contact a skilled member of our team who can help you pursue compensation for your injuries from any and all responsible parties.

Have you sustained a utility injury?

Suffering harm in an accident while working for a utility, cable, or telephone company can result in complex litigation, as there may be more than one negligent party involved, and the companies typically have powerful legal defense. No matter the circumstances of your accident, our team has the experience and knowledge needed to fight for your rights and provide you with the exceptional representation you deserve.

Attorney John Medler handled all personal injury litigation cases for a major St. Louis utility company for nearly twenty years, which included cases involving fatalities, injuries, and electrocutions from utility poles, utility cables, cables cut by excavation contractors, low-hanging wires, electrical transformer defects, faulty electrical wiring, and falls from utility poles. Our firm has the seasoned experienced your case requires, and we can thoroughly review your accident to establish who was at fault, and provide you with the smart legal counsel needed to give your case the best chance to obtain the generous settlement you needed to help your family rebuild after this tragedy. Call today for a free consultation!

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