Consequences of Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are one of the more traumatic and catastrophic injuries one can sustain in an accident, and they are also becoming increasingly common. 1.4 million Americans suffer some type of brain injury every year, and 235,000 are serious enough to require hospitalization. 50,000 of those cases result in the wrongful death of the victim, and 99,000 suffer some kind of long-term disability or paralysis.

The effects of a brain injury on an individual can be quite severe, and include short or long-term memory loss, loss of motor or nerve function, seizures and coma. The circumstances in which a brain injury can be sustained vary greatly, whether it be an auto accident, sports accident, or slip and fall. If you have suffered a brain injury in an accident in which negligence on the part of another was the cause, do not hesitate to retain knowledgeable legal counsel to discuss your injuries and options to pursue compensation.

Types of Brain Damage

There are two main forms of brain damage, penetrating injuries and closed head injuries. In a penetrating injury, an object pierces the skull and enters the brain, causing damage to specific parts. The resulting damage depends upon the area of the brain that was damaged. Closed head injuries are caused by sudden force to the brain, such as a strong blow to the head. In these injuries, there are two types of damage that can result:

  • Primary brain damage: these injuries include damage that is complete at the time of impact, and can include lacerations to the brain, nerve damage, hematomas or blood clots, skull fracture, and contusions or bruises.
  • Secondary brain damage: these injuries are forms of damage that evolve over time after the initial trauma has occurred, such as brain swelling, abnormal blood coagulation, intracranial infection, intracranial pressure, epilepsy, hematoma, cardiac changes, and other symptoms.

Strong Legal Help for Brain Injury Victims

The hardship caused to a brain injury victim and their family can be quite substantial. The victim may be left permanently disabled and unable to work, causing great financial strain. Additionally, the costs of treatment or caring for the injury may also be steep. Our team understands how difficult the aftermath of a serious injury can be, and we are prepared to offer you a powerful legal voice to seek justice.

Our firm provides diligent and tireless legal service to our personal injury clients, with the goal of obtaining full compensation for victims who have endured great pain and suffering. Contact our team today if you have sustained a brain injury at the hands of another person, and we will begin building a case to help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

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