Have You Been Injured, or Has Your Loved One Been Killed, by the Negligence of Someone Else?

Accidents are often caused by the negligence of another individual or corporation. Maybe they ran a red light. Maybe they were texting while they were driving. Maybe they were not paying attention. In those cases, the negligent party should pay for the damage that they caused. Don’t you agree? If you were negligent and if you ran through a red light and hit someone with your car, wouldn’t you pay for the other person’s car repairs? Of course you would. Wouldn’t you tell your own auto insurer to pay the person for their injuries and hospital bills if the other person you hit was injured? Of course you would. That’s because you are an honest person. You accept responsibility for your own mistakes. But if every person was like you, and accepted responsibility for their own mistakes, there would be no need for lawyers. The sad truth is that people and corporations very rarely accept responsibility for their own mistakes.

Accepting Responsibility for Mistakes

A person may drive through a red light and total your car. A truck driver might fall asleep at the wheel and smash into your car after driving halfway across the country on no sleep. Your doctor may hit an artery during your routine surgery. A corporation’s dangerous product may kill your child. But do those people accept responsibility for their own mistakes? No. They leave you picking up the pieces for their mistakes. And then they hire their pack of lawyers and insurance adjusters to nickel and dime you to death, delay court proceedings, say it’s all your fault, and unfairly twist the facts.

Don’t you find it astounding that another person or corporation can seriously injure you in an accident, or kill your loved one, and then walk away, denying all responsibility for their misdeeds, and hide behind their insurance adjusters and lawyers?

I have spoken to many injured and medical malpractice victims. Many of them tell me: if the doctor would have just admitted he made a mistake, I don’t think I ever would have sued him. If the guy had just agreed to pay my medical bills and fix my car, I never would have sued him. If the insurance adjuster would have just been fair with me, I would have never even talked to a lawyer. The people that I have met generally do not like filing lawsuits. The people that I have met aren’t greedy fakers trying to get compensation for a non-existent injury. The people that I have met are good people who just want to be treated fairly, who just want to get back to the place they were before their injury or their accident. Many of them tell me that they want to bring a lawsuit to make sure that a dangerous practice is stopped or to make sure safety protocols are put in place so that another person is not injured in the future. That is a noble objective.

Experienced lawyers like the ones at The Medler Law Firm are here to help when those negligent parties refuse to accept responsibility for their mistakes.

Why Hire a Lawyer?

Many people believe that they can handle their case on their own. Check out our video archive and see our video on why that is a bad idea. First of all, you probably think that if you handle your case yourself, you can avoid paying the lawyer’s fee and save yourself some money. The Insurance Defense Research Council conducted a study which found that, on average, an injury victims who retained counsel obtained settlements 3.5 times higher (and some other literature says 5 times higher) than those victims who decided to handle their case on their own. So even factoring in the payment of the attorney’s fee, you will come out way ahead if you hire a lawyer. Second, you can make dramatic mistakes if you try and handle your case by yourself. Don’t make this mistake. Hire the experienced lawyers at The Medler Law Firm and we will be there with you every step of the way.

Legal Help for Victims

Each of our lawyers have been handling these specific injury and wrongful death cases for over twenty-five years. We have the experience to help you get the fair compensation you deserve. Whether you have a small whiplash injury or a more extensive injury like paraplegia, quadraplegia, burns, or other catastrophic injury, we can handle your case, large or small. And we have the experience to handle all different types of cases, from motorcycle accidents, to workplace and machinery accidents, to trucking accidents, to electrocutions to gas explosions. No matter what type of case, we will be there to help you.

Personal Injury Lawyers

What Can You Recover?

We will pursue all damages available in your case, including compensation for past medical bills, future medical bills and surgeries, lost wages, loss of future earning capacity, disfigurement, permanent disability, pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, and, if appropriate, punitive damages. We will not let the insurance company lowball you. If you hire our firm, we will get you all of the legal compensation that you deserve.

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